The set of actions of all the people who form the company, directed to continuos improvement of both the processes and the product, in the pre-sale and after-sales service to our customers, is what we understand as QUALITY POLICY.

Efforts should be focused on always seeking the CUSTOMER SATISFACTION and a relationship of trust to achieve their LOYALTY:

  • Perform the requirements of customers and legal, and continuously improve the effectiveness of the quality management system.
  • Establishing a direct service contact and previous advice, offering the best solution for the closure of your wines.
  • Giving a good post-sale technical assistance, complemented with communication actions and permanent customer service to loyalty.
  • Encourage, involve the employees of the company, establishing training plans and continuous improvement.
  • Demanding maximum compliance with the specifications of raw materials and fungible products to our suppliers and subcontractors, thus enhancing purchases from suppliers that apply quality management systems.
  • Establishing cooperation relationships, both to customers and suppliers, with the aim of improving the quality of both our products and the services offered.
  • Promoting research, innovation and development in all fields that affect the processes of improving the quality of our products.
  • Establishing policies to improve hygiene and food safety in order to develop safe and legal products with the specified qualities.
  • Applying systems to reduce environmental pollution.

From the Management, provide the human and material resources to make possible the fulfillment of the Quality Policy.

All these points will make it possible to control and reduce the costs of quality, both internal and external.

Josep Maria Vilà
Conseller Delegat