Quality and environment

Cork, the Mediterranean heritage

The western coast of the Mediterranean sea embrace a unique ecosystem in which oak trees are home to some of the greatest biological treasures and protected species such as the imperial eagle or the Iberic linx. If cork trees were to become extinct so would these same protected species.

Corks are originated in oak trees and extracted from their bark. This bark grows naturally to protect oak trees from forest fire, drought and extremely hot summers; bark is extracted without causing any harm to oak trees. Harvest occurs every 9 years.

Cork is an organic material, biodegradable with insulating properties. Its unique properties have turned cork into wine's best ally. As a result, for centuries its main use has been the manufacturing of closures destined for wine bottling. We all have good reasons to put our faith in cork: it is good for the environment acting as agent to prevent desertification. It is an ecologic and renewable material for us and for generations to come. Cork is an excepcional part of our Mediterranean landscape heritage.


ISO 9001


Rich Xiberta is committed to its customers, to offer high quality products and services that meet the needs of wineries and distributors, at the same time as with the demanding requirements of current legislation. The certification UNE-EN-ISO 9001 that we renew year after year since 1996 shows this.


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We are aware that food safety is a matter of all and that the cork stopper is a key element at this point for the wineries. For this reason, the implementation in 2017 of the BRC-Packaging certification demonstrates that our product has the highest guarantees of safety, quality and compliance with food regulations.


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